Time Zones

describe link]As the world spins on its axis,the sun shines it's ginormous burning star shines on 1 part of the world at a time.When we are eating cereal,did you know in Paris the children their will be finishing their school day,but in Moscow they will be having their yummy dinner time.Also children in Bangkok would of been sleeping but on the other hand children in Sydney,Australia are getting prepared for their next day at school.

It would not of made sense if we were had the same time as everybody else in the world.Eventually,all the country's decided to divide into very different time zones,because it was based loosely on a longitudinal band.

Fun Facts For Time Zones

*Many countries follow a huge amount of daylight saving a lot of time,which is designed to help people enjoy a ginormous amount of walking hours during daylight. In most of the U.S., their clocks jump forward 1 hour ahead in the Spring. They spring backwards another 1 hour in the fall.

*As you move around the globe, you'll eventually reach a very certain place were the time is either 1 day ahead or 1 day behind. This is known as the International Dateline. Australia and a few other places are one day ahead of you no matter where you live.when its Monday where you live it will be Tuesday there.

*Before you even think about calling a friend overseas,you have to make sure you defiantly know for certain what the time is their. Otherwise, you could be calling your best friend at 3:00 AM when it could be 15:00 where you are right now. If you think about it who would want to be talking to you at 3:00 AM? they would want to be sleeping!

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