The Water Cycle!

The water cycle takes water and moves it up and down and all around the earth.
Evaporation comes when the heat from the sun warms up all the groundwater then it turns to water vapor.
Condensation takes over, it goes up to the clouds. Water vapor cools down and it changes to a liquid.
Precipitation happens when the drops get bigger.
This cycle happens over and over again.

Heat from the sun causes water on earth to evaporate into the sky. I his water vapor collects in the sky and for,s into clouds.

As water vapor in the clouds cools down it becomes water again, this progress is called condensation.

Water falls from the sky in the form of rain, snow, hail or sleet this progress is called precipitation.

Oceans and lakes collect water that has fallen. Water evaporates into the sky again and the cycle continues.

In a process similar to sweating, plants lose water which is absorbed into the atmosphere much like evaporation. The combination of evaporation and transpiration is know as evapotranspiration.

It is possible for a solid to transform into a gas directly(without becoming a liquid.) The most common example of sublimation is dry ice.

Under certain conditions snow and ice can also sublime.

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