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  • There are 50 countries within Europe with a big total of over 742 million people living within the continent.
  • Out of these 50 countries only 44 have their own capital city on the European continent!
  • The largest country in Europe is Russia.
  • The largest city in Europe is Moscow in Russia. With more than 12 million inhabitants.
  • Moscow is one of the 11 largest cities in the world.

Facts about Poland!

  • The proper name for Poland is the Republic of Poland.
  • Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe.
  • Warsaw is the biggest city and also the capital of Poland.
  • 38163000 people live in Poland.
  • Most people in Poland are Roman Catholics.
  • Polish is the official language of Poland.

Poland has a tradition of folk music, arts and crafts. Wooden furniture is brightly painted and clothing is embroidered. Poland has many old lovely buildings, places to visit and cities. Some of these cities are rather dirty and polluted.
Do you think Poland is an old country?
People have lived in Poland since before 2,000 B.C. The borders have changed many times over the years.

Have you ever tried German food?
each German region has its very own specialty dishes. German food is rich and delicious and many great German dishes make great comfort food. Many German foods are easier to make than we all think.
German potato salad, or "kartoffelsalt" is served warm or cold and prepared with potatoes, bacon, vinegar, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, mustard, vegetable or beef broth and onions. This style of potato salad is usually found in southern Germany. Potato salad from northern Germany is generally made with mayonnaise.

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